Consumed with Limited Influences

For the past several months, my focus was diverted to my career path and I had quickly forgotten many duties.
My Godly Duties

My Spousal Duties

My family Duties

My home Duties

The list goes on and on and on. I was so consumed by my work that I honestly just forgotten my motherly Duties and all the Duties listen above.
God allows things to happen at the right moment at the right time and while some days we may not understand the meaning or the know in it all, we have to be still and know that our Lord has a greater path for us, always!

This was the first time I was able to spend an evening with my husband and go on an annual date! We spent our ten year anniversary singing and dancing, well mostly me singing and dancing, along with Carrie Underwood.  

We had a blast and even enjoyed each other’s company. I couldn’t believe how much time I wasted away from my husband and this beautiful family we created for a job. 
My husband And I discussed many things on the way to the concert, but the one thing my husband said made me realize why we are still married,”I will support you in anything you do” I could mess up a million times and my husband would still have my back. 
We had a truly great time and we’re just in awe that we have survived as a couple this long.

Our three beautiful kids that we made..I was consumed with my job and put them on the back burner. What was I thinking?! Each of our children needed my time and I was consumed with other things that I had forgotten about their needs and how they needed their father. Kaylee needed a lot of attention with our ADHD, Chelsea needed more love, hugs, and kisses, and Walker just wanted more cuddle time. I had forgotten about all that. It was pretty selfish of me and I’ve realized that I had wasted three months of my life neglecting my children to care for other children.

Since I stepped away from my career, I have been able to spend more time with my God, keeping my children more in touch with my Lord, and spending more time in my daily devotions-feeding my soul, that was also neglected.

Since then, I’ve had so much time to consume myself and my responsibilities with positive influences! I’ve never been happier; my children are happier and are learning more about God. My husband and I are finally communicating more about our love for one another and life has been pretty laid back and happy!

God has finally put our life on track, so don’t ever limit your influences and consume them with what God doesn’t want because if you listen, he will tell you!

Hunting: Teaches our family about life, survival, safety, patience, and love.

This past weekend was Youth Day for our young hunters.

Youth day is an important time for our youth to get acquainted with the full aspect of the woods and the outdoors. 

….And our Cheekies was no exception!

Her daddy was super ecstatic to take her out to the woods and between the two of us, he is more of a father to teach our kids patience in the woods!

While Chelsea was super excited and couldn’t contain her excitement, they only saw two bucks and a doe after they were finished with their hunt.

This little spunky six year old learned more in one day than a child who plays on their iPhone/tablet for a whole week!!

Regardless of how you feel about guns and your second amendment right, please note this..

Vote for someone who will allow families to keep their right, continue to provide for their families, and learn love, survival, and patience.

Cheer Mom Status🎀🐾🏈

Never in a million years would I have ever imagined turning into a Cheet mama! Never would I have imagined putting makeup on my beauties and entering them into beauty pageants and cheerleading. However, I have found that when you’re with the right crowd of similar cheer mama’s and grandma’s it makes your life ten times better!

Another warm exciting cheer year for these fine ladies and myself! We support our kiddos, cheer them on, and encourage our kiddos to  have fun and follow through!

Last night was Rec night and once again, we had a blast with the girls💜 Our girls were able to cheer with the SRHS Varsity Cheerleaders!

Our girls had a blast and the moms had an even greater evening! We don’t push our girls to do something they don’t want to, I truly feel that they are surrounded and encouraged by a loving support system that allow them to let loose and have a blast!

Thank you so much to our SRHS varsity cheerleaders for allowing our #bulldogs to cheer and support our current and future Eagles! 

I never imagined I would turn my girls into a cheerleader, but they love it and have fun and that’s all that matters to me!! 

Cheerleading has taught my girls so much about friendship, caring, teamwork, and being an encouragement to one another!

We also have the best coaches around! We aren’t competitive, we just want our girls to have fun and enjoy the life long experiences they are learning in the process. 

Until next post,
Moms, Minivans, and Messes

School, work, family, and Life.

The summer ended with a small family trip to the beach, Assateague Island to be exact. The kids and I had a blast with the family. It was a wonderful way to end the summer season for us!

The school year started and we struggled to get into routine again as all three kiddos started school.  

Walker started his first year as a role model to special needs kiddos and has been doing a great job! We are so proud of him.

As a mom I was not prepared, physically and emotionally, for our last child to “flee” from the house and to become a “big boy”. It has put a lot of strain on me, but currently it has taken me a long time to adjust!

We now have a second grader, a first grader, and a preschooler full time at school. 

I stressed for the longest time about Walker going to school and surprisingly he has been awesome in school with no difficulties! 

The girls are doing well academically and are both way above where they need to be, which makes me a proud mama!

We were able to start enjoying the cooler weather that is FINALLY coming! We spent the day on a family picnic touring the blue ridge parkway! We really enjoy our family time!💜

The girls participated in their first ever pageant and we were so grateful to have my sister in law and cousin help with hair and makeup and a special shoutout to grandma for helping out with the dress, the day of the pageant:) 

The girls didn’t win, but it was an awesome learning experience and truly an eye opener to get them to open up publicly! We will have awesome luck next year!

Our kids recently celebrated grandparents day and it was even more special that their great grandmother was able to attend the special event💜

Thanks to this woman, I’m so happy with a new church!! It’s such an awesome movement when the family can agree on something! Thank you Mrs. Dana for not giving up on me:)

That’s about it for right now, and while I understand that three kids may be nothing for a mama to 4,5,or 6, it’s a bunch for me and that’s the adventure that was planned for me and my family!
Until next post,

Moms, Minivans, and Messes

In need of my Shepherd: A mother’s struggle with ADHD

This evening I put off my bible study until the last possible minute and spent every last minute on social media because I knew somehow in someway my bible study would speak to me and sure enough it has…

As private as it may seem, I’ve been struggling with Kaylee’s ADHD for quite sometime. The past week has been torturous for me as a mom, even. Tonight’s bible study reminded me that I needed a shepherd, which is why I chose this picture of the girls looking at the sheep, I need to need my shepherd as much as the girls wanted their own sheep. 

As a mom we worry so much about our kids that we forget that we need to care for ourselves and we need a protector. I was also reminded that I need someone more stronger than me to lean on because I need to shed a few tears or because I don’t have all the answers. 

In my low times, I sometimes forget that I have a loving God who has a plan for me and my family all the time, not just whenever.

I was super excited to have an amazing support of “sheep” tonight to comfort me when I needed it most. Whether you think you know about ADHD or not, personally makes me feel like the worst parent ever. Having community support made my heart happy knowing many friends were supporting me and praising Kaylee and supporting us emotionally💜

I feel our world would be such a better place if we all uplifted each other constantly. It felt great to shed tears in front of my friends because I was so concerned about my sweet baby girl. 

So grateful for my group of mamas that stood by me and praised me in my time of need! Do you have your mama Circle? If not get one! 
Thank you mamas!!

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Mom’s lives matters, too, Dallas.

When you become a mom you have a new found love that you never knew existed until you bring this brand new life into the world, a baby, a miracle.

Yesterday when my husband came home from work, I woke up to Brian Williams reporting that there had been yet another shooting with five dead and several were injured. I really thought it was a dream, but sadly it wasn’t. 

Each of these victims had a mom, a woman who conceived a child, brought life into this world, and raised the child for the greater good. 

There are now five moms who are grieving right now, there are five mothers without their child, there are five mothers who are having to bury their child, there are five mothers who won’t have an opportunity to become a grandmother, and there are five mothers who aren’t able to continue on their child’s journey because their life was taken too soon.

Did these killers think about the mothers when he pulled the trigger? What about his/her own mother? I couldn’t imagine raising a killer, knowing my child that I raised consumed so much hate for people, put a plan into place to leave five mothers in his world to grieve for the rest of their lives each and everyday. 

As a mom, my heart has been broken. I couldn’t imagine raising a child to hate so much, nor could I be on the other end of the spectrum and become a mom in an instant who has to bury my child.

How do we go forward from this awful situation?

We go forward by showing our children, who are the future of our nation, love, peace, and respect. This is America, we live in the land of the free and by that we need to raise children who will live up to those expectations to follow rules, respect authority figure, and to raise a family in such a manner that it will continue to pass the positive morals, rituals, and honor to each generation to follow.

If you’re a mom, please stop for a second today and hug your babies, hug your children, and let them know how much they mean to you. Life is too short and you never know when it will be your last hug, kiss, or verbal goodbye. 

There are five mothers right now who were taken from this…

Mother’s lives matter, too, Dallas.

Independence Day🇺🇸

Ask your child what it means to be free….

Kaylee: (7)”That you can do whatever you want.”

Chelsea: (6)”You can do whatever you want in the country.”

Walker:(3)”A train”

These answers are appropriate for their ages in how their mind operates.

Do we as moms live like we are free, or are there things that we are slaves to? 

On this Independence Day, I’m thankful for the handful of opportunities I get on a daily basis to learn, love, and be free with my children. 

Yesterday we spent precious time with family, time that we will never have again  because time is limited and in that time we laughed, loved, and lived a little. Fireworks and sparklers entertained the adults and kids, while the endless amount of food and drinks seemed to entertain our bellies. 

It was nice sitting on the ground of the family farm with family, cousins, and in laws watching the fireworks go off all around us, and for the most part, right in front of us. 

On this Independence Day, I’m grateful for these slow rainy days enjoying the company of my children because when you’re a working mom, life is hectic.

Just like Christ, he set us moms free to enjoy his completed work on the cross. May the God of all comfort fill your heart with a renewed ability to enjoy your freedom.

Above: Cousins posing silly for a picture.

Above: My nephew and me getting ready to enjoy a firework show!

Daddy helping our kiddos play with sparklers!  

Lastly, to top it off, mom celebrated by herself with a nice mom-drink! 

I’m signing off now to watch the Macy’s 4th of July firework celebration on TV with My kiddos!
Happy 4th of July Moms!🇺🇸