Jessica Bohn Bishop: KEEP Collective

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Moms, Minivans, & Messes: What is the name of your business and who are your potential customers?

KEEP: I am a Founding Director with social selling company KEEP Collective (from the believers who brought us Stella & Dot,) and my potential customers are storytellers. Each keepsake “Keeper” design is a wearable touchstone, an instant reminder of the big things, the small things, and all things that matter.

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: Why did you choose (Your above answer) as your customers?

KEEP: KEEP Collective shares a deep belief that living a happy life comes from always keeping in mind what truly matters. Love, faith, friendship, family, hope, and adventure. So we are storytellers- helping others reflect on and share the moments and milestones that make up their one-of-a-kind life. 

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: Are you a mom? If so, did this business have anything to do with initiating KEEP? 

KEEP: I am not currently a mom, however, I did choose this social selling brand with the idea that I will start a family in the future and the truly flexible entrepreneurship that this company provides is just what I’ll need to spend quality time with my children whenever and wherever I want to.

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: What do you expect to be the outcome of “KEEP”? 

KEEP: The outcome of KEEP is that I will continue to live the happiest life possible while focusing on all of the things that matter in my life as well as leading other women to finding what truly makes them happy as well! Designing my life makes me happy, so that I can make the people I love happy. It is my best gift to the world. It is with joy and love that as a KEEP Designer I fulfill my mission to give every woman the means to design her one-of-a -kind life.

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: Where can I find information about “KEEP”? 

KEEP: There are a few ways that you can find more information about the KEEP brand. My personal website is, however the best way to gain more information on opening your own business, shopping, or getting your Keepers free is to email me at Be sure to reference this blog!

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: Are there any promotions for your KEEP products through reading this blog?

KEEP: If you’re reading this blog, you qualify for a FREE key (charm) with your purchase of $50 or more with Designer J Bohn Bishop ONLY. Be sure to email me first and mention this blog!

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: Who is “KEEP”? (One mom, multiple moms, etc.)

KEEP: KEEP Collective is a team of dreamers, doers, daughters, wives, and mothers. We are renovating the home-based business model for our times. We are a billion-dollar global brand in the making. We invest our hearts, our smarts, and our unbending will to make it happen. We are our only competition. The way it’s always been done is never flattering on us. We create. We reinvent. We learn. We get more creative. We do it better next time. We make no excuses. We find a way.

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: Can you tell me how KEEP will keep moms feeling GLAM?

KEEP: We get great joy out of designing irresistible keepsakes. And yet, there is something much greater we are creating. We have a vision of the world where strong women live bold and joyful lives. They know what they want and they work for it. They inspire each other. Passion and joy are their best accessories.

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: A portion of the KEEP Collective Manifesto:

KEEP: We know that success is not predetermined for the exclusive few.  Success is nothing more than getting up every single morning, and getting to work, writing our own stories. And we make no apologies about benefiting from the success we work hard and smart to create. We are here to make a living. And a solid one at that. Our income gives us peace of mind, pays the bills, buys take-out when we’re busy, puts our kids through college, and gives opportunity to many other women along the way. We’re proud of that. We love writing our own stories. We hold the pen.


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