Four Generations: A Mom’s Post

This evening we celebrated a fourth generation matriarch’s birthday, Mrs. Wright, 89, my husband’s grandmother.

It was simple: we fixed meatloaf, green beans, mashed potatoes, and macaroni and cheese. 

The kids and I even made a brownie cake with sprinkles! Of course we had a candle for her big day.🎉 It was yummy!

Her cake was made with my daughters farm fresh chicken eggs.


It’s such an honor to have a fourth generation matriarch in the family. Our kids enjoy her company and love calling her to wish her goodnight with a simple phone call each and every night, even though she has a tough time hearing sometimes:)

If you’re fortunate to have four generations in your family, cherish it. These times only come and go once in a life time. 

Listen to the stories they have to tell; write down a family recipe; listen to how little they stayed inside and how well behaved they grew up most of the time:)

The stories are amazing! 

These are memories that will last forever!


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