…and on the third try, God gave us a Boy💙

Having three angels are the best gift God blessed us with, however, he blessed us even greater with a boy after two amazing girls. 

When you’re pregnant with your first child, it’s not a secret that SO many of us moms secretly want a boy-you know to be the protector for his future siblings. It’s turns out once again, that God, had different plans for us.

Just like with my secret post partum depression came a lot of hate. A lot of hate because it seemed that everyone was having boys instead of me and it continued with our second child. My brother and sister in law both had boys and I craved to give birth to a healthy baby boy. My post partum grew into hate and my hate grew into jealousy and my jealously grew into me becoming such a negative person.

Now, let me back up and put into perspective why I truly have always wanted a boy.

I’ve always had trouble with men-my dad was non existent from my life. My mom, who had several men in her life for reasons and troubles with her own personal relationship with her father and brothers. (No blame, however-its life) 

The only male relationship I could stand was the one with my poppop. He was there for me, he was a phone call away, and he was my provider and always bought us food and clothes when my single mom was unable to do so. All other male relationships were completely awkward for me.

Until I was introduced to an amazing man by a group of girlfriends, My future husband.

There are not enough words to explain how humble, loving, God fearing, caring, and respectful my husband is and still continues to be!

With such a great man that came into my life, And the men I had to grow up with in my life, I wanted a boy to love me, a boy to turn out to be just like his daddy, a boy who would grow up and become a God fearing humble man because the last thing our world needs is another loser man who can’t and won’t support his family. I want a boy I can raise who will be there for his family, raise his family, and make sure that God is first in everything they do.

May 2012, my sister in law surrounded us with our girls as we went into the ultrasound room to find out what our third child would be-even color coded our girls with Kaylee wearing pink and Chelsea wearing blue. My sister in law and Chelsea were on top as we found out that in December we would be expecting our boy, finally. So many emotions filled that day from finding out to closing our eyes at night, we just were so overjoyed with emotions. 

Fast forward three years later and with our baby boy turning four next month, we have been blessed with such a fun loving, sweet, caring, funny, God loving baby boy. His blonde hair blue eyes dimpled cheeks nearly puts a smile on my face every day as he is turning out to be the boy we had always wanted. 

As for me personally, it has made me into a better aunt and a little more gentle towards men, knowing that all the men in the world aren’t like the men I had in my life growing up.

It has also made me realize the time I also wasted not spending more time with all of my amazing awesome nephews-because they are all rockstars and awesome cousins💙💜

Life is too short and for this mom, I’m thankful for all my kiddos nieces and nephews includes:) I love you all to the moon and back💙


Moms need to vote, too!🇺🇸

Happy Election Eve!

Tomorrow our country will choose who will run our country for the next four years. I have three reasons why I will be voting tomorrow and you, as a mom, should, too!

1. Our Lord and Savior

Before you practice your right to vote tomorrow, say a prayer for our nation, for America, for our God given life, and for our enemies. 

God has provided me with life and that means that it is important for me to practice my right to vote to make sure that his will is done for our country. 

And just remember….

How could I vote for someone who doesn’t wear an American flag pin? How can I vote for someone who has negatively been in the news for trouble. Pray for our nation, pray for Trump & Hillary.

2. My family, My children, and my Land

This weekend was the opening weekend of muzzleloader season. How does that tie into voting tomorrow you may ask? Well, you see, we were able to hunt on our land and exercise our right to hunt. God provided us with deer to hunt to feed our family. If this amendment is taken away from us, how are we suppose to teach our kiddos to continue to provide our family with food. 

Our kiddos were so excited to have this learning experience with their daddy. If this right is taken from us, how will our children learn essential and necessary life rules. How are children suppose to explore and learn how to survive. 

In the above picture, my daughter is here learning patience, safety, and napping skills. All jokes aside, how cute is this and if our right is revoked this picture would not be available for posting. Our hearts would break.

How would my daughter be able to excoriate her fishing right on our family’s land if our land is taken from our family? She is learning skills that she will be able to pass on to others, her friends, her children, her grandchildren, etc.

If land is revoked from us, how would the future of this handsome fella look for exploring? Kayaking, camping, and other outdoor adventures?

Not to mention, how can I vote for someone who would allow me to abort these three children I solely spent 10+ hours in labor for to give birth? 

How would this mom be able to live without the mom lessons I’ve learned?

3. Moms Everywhere

I’m a mom, with a minivan, and a ton of messes. I’m just like any other mom who wakes up having to take care of their family and children. When you vote tomorrow-educate your children, bring your children, if it’s legal in your state-take a selfie with your child! Allow them to see you pray..Vote for your children and the future that they will have and be part of in our country.
To all mom,

Practice your right to vote tomorrow if for nothing else your right to have your children and Right to raise them in our beautiful land of the free country!

Anxious Hearts, Desired Plans, & Saved by the Grace of God

Being a mom is one of the toughest jobs in the world. A lot of times, I feel anxious because I can’t just let things go. Am I doing this parenting thing right or wrong? Am I disciplining my children as I should?

The desires of our hearts can constantly be at odds with the desires God has for us. When they align, it is a beautiful, peaceful realization. But when they are different, it can create confusion, mistrust, and frustration-often times becaue we lack discernment, which by Christian definition is perception in the absence of judgment with a view to obtaining spiritual direction and understanding.

How do we handle this? Just pray mamas. Pray that our Lord gives us peace. We pray that his will be done no matter what that means for us. In strict obedience to God, we choose not to be anxious, which is easier said than done. He has already promised to guard our hearts. If we as mothers start to feel frustrated or anxious again, we pray. So much of life is out of our control, so why do we bother agonizing when we can just pray.

Matthew 6:33-34 Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things.

What desires do you have that God hasn’t yet shown you? Can you truly release them to his care, trusting him with your life plan?


Let us Pray!