Back to Bedtime Routine

The holidays are over and that means that tomorrow our kids will head back to school. It has been two weeks of non-routine ways in our household and tonight means that this mom has to buckle down to make sure our kids get back into the best routine possible.

  1. After dinner, we usually start off by gathering clothes that our kids will wear and putting them into a bin with their names.(this will help alleviate morning chaos)
  2. Showering; our kids are still young enough to shower together and this saves time for mom. While the kids are in the shower, I’m gathering their pajamas, undies, and socks and anything else they need for bed. Also, making sure they brush their teeth! There are many time apps that give timed visuals on when and how they need to brush their teeth. 
  3. Story time. Story time is crucial, kids respond better at bed time when you read them a story. 
  4. Bedtime Prayers: we say the same prayer at bedtime so the kids understand that it’s important to say prayers. 
  5. Lastly, hugs and kisses! It’s so important to show love to your child, regardless of how angry they’ve made you feel during the day. Forgive and forget, tomorrow is a brand new day.

I want to hear your bedtime routines! Share your routines with me at: and you could see them in an upcoming post!


Post Holiday Money Management for Children

Did your kids get money or gift cards for the 2016 Holiday season and you’re unsure about how to spend it? 

If you’re like us and your kids received a couple of gift cards and cash this Holiday season, here are a couple of pointers to help your child keep on point with their finances at any age.

1. Open a Savings Account

The earlier we teach our kids about saving money, the more secure and confident they will become with life savings later on in life. Even at the early age of four, if you are making regular trips to the bank to make deposits or withdrawals, then your child will want to mimmick you and of course your cutie will be subject to a lollipop. No deposit is too small for your child. Be sure to park the minivan and take the kids inside, this will also help your four year old with manners and social skills. Allow the child to be as independent as possible and allow the banker to help your child as well. Interaction is key and a trip to the bank can be super educational for you and your family. 

2. Gift Cards

Did your child receive an unwanted gift card for the Holidays? Don’t know what to do with the unwanted gift card? A lot of Coinstar Kiosks accept gift cards and exchange them for cash(for a small fee, of course) Be involved and communicate with your child:

  1. Does the child want this gift card?
  2.  Would your child rather have cash instead of a gift card?
  3. Can we take the money we get from the gift card and make a deposit into our newly opened savings account?

On the flip side, if your child wants to keep the gift card:

Discuss with your child that they have the flexibility to spend the gift card how they choose. With gift cards, kids are able to make the final purchasing decision on their item(s).

Set spending limits with their gift cards by letting your child know that they can make several small trips rather than just spending the money all at once. 

Regardless of how your child spends their Holiday money, make sure to be involved in all decisions as much as possible.