Hot Mess & A Messy Mama

This evening I came home from work not knowing what I would cook for dinner. Although, I must say that I was thankful for the rain canceling games and practices. A break is always nice! 

Tonight I just felt obliged to fix a grilled cheese sandwich with cheese doodles and applesauce! 

I sat and ate my 1/4 of a grilled cheese sandwich and here I am while the kiddos are in bed, writing in my blog 

Having three kiddos is such a hard task-it really is!!! I’m sure mamas that have more kiddos have it harder!

All the kids are just as excited to see me as I am to see them, but they all want attention one at a time one on one. 

This is basically how tonight went⬇️

It just seems so fast paced from the moment I walk in the door to cook dinner to washing and putting them to bed!

Not to mention, they played in the rain when they came home today!

How do you mamas handle routine? Do your kiddos play sports? How do you manage during sports season?

Of all the things…I’m just thankful God loves this hot mess of a mama! 

These moments go by too fast! We were just married the other day…

Had three beautiful babies yesterday…

…and now everything is going and moving along at such an incredibly fast pace that I can’t keep up!!

Prayers for all you mamas out there tonight!

Goodnight, mamas💜


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