Rise & Shine, it’s Summer Time

We are in the middle of summer and I feel like it has just started!!! This is the first year we haven't had a family vacation due to many things happening around the Chattin Household and I don't even know where to begin.

You're not really told when you get married just how hard marriage is for the both of you! We hit a rough spot at the beginning of summer…Rough may be an understatement. We both were at a point where my husband was in his 11th year working on second shift at the railroad and it was getting too overwhelming for me as a mom by myself to keep up with three kids. Towards the middle to end of sports for our kiddos, my husband FINALLY went to first shift. I'm pretty sure that was 3/4's of all our disagreements. But looking back, it allows us to communicate more and be more open, something we had lost touch with after having three kids. I couldn't imagine have any more children.

The kids and I celebrated new babies, good friends, shopping, and fellowship over the next couple of week to the start of summer.

The kids left for the first time over night for bible camp; and they had a blast. We were so worried that the girls would be nervous and afraid from being away from our family, that we were able to check up on them for a day. The girls absolutely loved camp! That feeling that they were safe and in a place of fellowship and God's love made everything better.

We had visited with family in North Carolina and were able to take the kids to the North Carolina Aquarium in Greensboro! They had a blast and it was the first time my sister in law had ever been to an aquarium before! It's always fun with family.

Kaylee finally found an amazing coach who was super engaged, patient, and understanding with her ADHD. We have seen an amazing change for the positive with Kaylee because of it.

Chelsea was able to bridge over to become a brownie for girl scouts! Our entire family was there to watch Chelsea cross the bridge and watch her receive her award. She has a great girl scout leader!

Our children's church director at Eastlake Community Church held a girls event for the girls in our church! It was very amazing to see all the Love these girls have for our Lord. We have amazing people that serve God at our church and am proud to be part of the church.

Our family started taking on small tasks around the house and bringing in more animals for responsibilities for our kiddos.

We changed the color of our porch and shutters to green instead of red. We were done with the red. Big shout out to our kid neighbor for doing a great job💜 We are pretty pleased!

While our kiddos spent the 4th of July in New Jersey with their great aunt, we celebrated Independence Day by welcoming a new baby kitten, Indy, short for independence 🐈🇺🇸

We celebrated and welcomed a new baby niece!!! We haven't met her yet, but are anticipating meeting her very soon! We are so excited to have a neice💜 She is just so beautiful!

We spent a couple of days in the hospital with family for my sister in law, dealing with complications related to her Crohn's. She was in high spirits, but super glad not to get a bag this time.

Chick-Fil-A returned with their best day ever: Customer Appreciation Day! Dress like a Cow and receive a free meal! Every year the kids and I participate in this fun event! We were even more eager to have Chris participate with us! He wasn't so camera friendly this time around tho🐮

This summer has been the summer of taking care of ourselves, health wise! I ended up in the hospital with complications related to my heart! I felt the need to capture every moment because this was such a fun adventure and took stress off of myself. The staff was by far the most amazing and friendly staff ever! I even introduced a nurse to Snapchat!!! These nurses and staff took great care of me and am super proud to live in such a great community where patient care seems to be top priority.

The kids were part of an amazing Sunday Service where our church celebrated in our field(where the new church will be placed) The singing contractors were part of this service and we were able to meet them! The kiddos did an amazing job singing "We Believe" by Newsboys, an old time favorite Christian band for me:)

Kaylee and I were also in need of new glasses! Who would have thought after 32 years of life, I would finally need glasses?! We both love them!

My heart catherization went well and we have a heart ablation scheduled for this coming Thursday at 6:30am. A lot to do and get done before then! My amazing husband has been extremely helpful at home, caring for the kids and helping out more with duties around the house! He shows his love more and more each day💜

School will be starting soon and the kiddos are looking forward to meeting their teachers! Walker tested for Kindergarten and was fully accepted! We are so proud of the little boy he is! He will grow to do great things (We hope)

Finally, we are looking forward to fall and winter…this summer has been so hot and we are not summer people! We are praying for a good solid winter with many winter snowy storms!!!! Bring on the snow Mother Nature, please!!!!!!

Until next post…..


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