Life happens when Summer ends..

Well, summer exactly hasn’t ended yet; with these summer like temperatures, will we ever see fall?! I can’t enjoy hiking trips with 85 degrees and 200% humidity! Yuck!

Chelsea was recently in the Miss Bedford County Pageant and she had a blast! She was ecstatic that her prize was a princess Bible and a necklace! She was so excited, she wants to participate again next year! Also, we got her dress on eBay for $11!!! How awesome is that!

She was a great candidate!

We took our very first Chattin/Switzer Vacation to Virginia Beach!! We had a blast and although, I’m ready for fall, even in September the ocean was still warm enough to swim.

October 5th is bring your bible to school day and our three kiddos brought their bibles to school and shared with their friends! We are so proud of them! Walker came home asking if we could buy his friends a Bible since they said they didn’t have one-what a sweet and thoughtful boy💙

The kiddos are collecting money/donations for a new church and they have been recruiting sweet donations! They are so proud!! I hope God continues to show them their path-they are following it according to his will💜

We enjoyed a little Target fun!!!

I also had the opportunity to teach a lesson to the children at our church!!! I’m so blessed to have had the opportunity!

It’s passed my 7:45pm bedtime and I’m getting sleepy-I’ll post sooner than later for the next time and not in bed!

Just so you moms know out there-You rock and are doing an amazing job momming!!💜😘


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