Chaos & Love

It’s quarter to seven in the morning and I’m halfway falling off the bed from a little boy who needed mama and a baby girl who also needed mama. Regardless of the time, I needed to journal.

Oh, if you’re wondering where my husband and other child are- they are sleeping on the couch. Not because we are fighting or mad at each other, but because he had a really nice sleep and our little girl wanted to sleep next to him. ūüíú

The chaos can be fun and other times it can be disastrous. We have to choose how to respond to it..

1. Do we want to Love through the Chaos, or

2. Be Bitter through the Chaos

It’s hunting season and while raising three kids is hard all by itself, life goes on and doesn’t stop for anyone.

I find myself getting bitter at the beginning of hunting season because I instantly become a single mom/widow/whatever you want to call it, but, regardless, I’m the one trying to resolve and argue with my kids who will be cleaning up the cow poop they stepped in and brought it into the house.

I find priorities being pushed back further and further.

Somehow, my husband can come home at 7:30-8pm and be exhausted from working all day on the family farm, but I’m still left to keep the house running.

Dishes can be piled up and not get clean and like our dishwasher currently that is not cleaning the dishes and leaving residue-I’m the one who is responsible for getting them done.

I’m not bitter, I just want to be better.

Ok, let’s put all that aside and look at the positives:

  • My husband is not having glamorous love affairs on 9th street
  • My husband isn’t selling or using drugs
  • My husband surely isn’t running a small town sweat shop


He is…

  • Working hard
  • Helping his family
  • Hunting to provide the steady flow of meat our family needs to survive
  • Teaching our children life lessons that will never be taught anywhere else

The Chaos immediately turns into Love when I see my husband setting a good Godly example for our family. The Love he shares through hunting, processing, and other things they do on the farm will be passed on to our children.

The Chaos comes to a halt when he fits in hunting time together for just the two of usūü¶Ć

For now, I’m going to continue to pray that God continues to keep us together through all this chaos..I’m going to pray that God continues to show his love through my husband and our children learning life lessons that can only be taught through our Lord.

Do you find yourself and your life being Chaotic?

Share with how you handle it..I’d love to hear from youūüíú


Back to Bedtime Routine

The holidays are over and that means that tomorrow our kids will head back to school. It has been two weeks of non-routine ways in our household and tonight means that this mom has to buckle down to make sure our kids get back into the best routine possible.

  1. After dinner, we usually start off by gathering clothes that our kids will wear and putting them into a bin with their names.(this will help alleviate morning chaos)
  2. Showering; our kids are still young enough to shower together and this saves time for mom. While the kids are in the shower, I’m gathering their pajamas, undies, and socks and anything else they need for bed. Also, making sure they brush their teeth! There are many time apps that give timed visuals on when and how they need to brush their teeth. 
  3. Story time. Story time is crucial, kids respond better at bed time when you read them a story. 
  4. Bedtime Prayers: we say the same prayer at bedtime so the kids understand that it’s important to say prayers. 
  5. Lastly, hugs and kisses! It’s so important to show love to your child, regardless of how angry they’ve made you feel during the day. Forgive and forget, tomorrow is a brand new day.

I want to hear your bedtime routines! Share your routines with me at: and you could see them in an upcoming post!

Afraid of the ADHD Monster

As I woke up this morning to do my mom devotional, during the peace and quiet I endure by waking up very early, so that I can think and have God time to start my day, I was a bit overwhelmed with excitement because my devotional for today answered what I’ve been fearing for a while.


Here is the devotional I read:

“As children we were fearful of monsters under the bed, or we were frightened by the thought of what could be lurking in the dark corners of the room. As irrational as those fears were, they were real to us. We froze; dared not to breathe or cry out, shut our eyes tightly bidding sleep to come. The nights and the darkness they brought seemed endless.


As adults we still fear monsters; however, these days they take form of an irate boss, difficulty with a relationship, an unfavorable medical diagnosis, or a credit card bill. Fear grips us in a real and powerful way, immobilizing us. If we aren’t careful, fear can destroy our peace of mind.


I sought the Lord, and he answered me and delivered me from all my fears. Those who look to him are radiant, and their faces shall never be ashamed. (Psalm 34:4-5)


What are the monsters that you fear? As a child of God, you can cry out to him, confident that he will help. You can shake fear and know that whatever monster you face, you don‚Äôt face it alone.‚ÄĚ


What have I been fearful of and battling for a while now, you may ask? ADHD.


It’s something I have and have struggled with my whole life and while it wasn’t something that was popular while I was growing up, I’m so glad it’s something that is recognized these days.


Before I became a mom, I was one who always said my kids would never be medicated; I was so judgmental over mothers about EVERY SINGLE CHOICE moms made.


When Kaylee started first grade, we noticed behaviors that were out of the norm for her and it became difficult in school and at home to redirect her behaviors and attention multiple times. We decided to have Kaylee tested for ADHD.


In December 2015, Kaylee was officially diagnosed with ADHD and our world was turned upside down. (It’s funny looking back now how things just happen naturally, or how God puts things in our specific lives to help us understand how precious life can be as parents)


We discussed with Kaylee’s AMAZING doctor all of the options and since I was so against giving children a controlled substance, we decided not to give Kaylee medication and work hard on her behaviors with partnerships with her amazing teacher, who is also my best friend.


Our family worked extremely hard over the school year to promote redirection, focusing, paying attention, doing great work (Which, both of our kiddos are extremely smart) and staying on task.


Our hard work paid off by the end of the year because Kaylee became more focused in her studies and she continued to excel in her academics.


Something seemed to still not be so quite right and had us, as her parents, asking questions.


After many thoughts and prayers, this week we decided to give medication a chance. With the start of summer, it becomes a great opportunity to try medication out for Kaylee that will help her focus on one thing rather than many things at once.


Today is the day we are going to start her medication and our fears are drawing to a close. Is this going to work? Is this the right medication? What if it doesn’t work? Will this paralyze her? (These and many more questions are all thoughts we’ve had)


Please keep our family in your thoughts and prayers this summer as we embark on a new adventure together, figuring out if Kaylee is on the right medication for her ADHD, and that it helps her maintain her focus for future goals and academics and home life.


My devotion this morning spoke to me letting me know that God is with us through this new adventure and will always comfort us during these times. I was thankful to have this devotional time and appreciate all new adventures that come our way.


Lastly, I apologize to all moms I judged while I was a non-mom. As I’m learning, it truly is one of the worst things to do, while embarking on your life journey.

This is the face of my “ADHD Monster” receiving her Principal’s Award for academics and being an overall student in her class ‚̧


A thankful Heart, A thankful Mom

Good early early morning readers,

A family of five is tough to raise-feeding, clothing, diapering, formula, etc. etc. When you’re going through tough situations in life, looking at the three children we brought into this world together shuts out any and everything and the world becomes perfect. Now, I’m just a mom of three and some moms are moms of 4, 5, 6 and so forth. A friend introduced me to Sharp Shopper, a grocery store which we drive 1.5 hours one way to go shopping. This grocery store has truly helped out with our budget. We endured the trip yesterday and spent $140 on groceries!!! We spend that every week at our local grocery store without meats, etc.

Below is a picture of how empty our shelves were to how packed they are now.

If you live in either Pennsylvania or Virginia, seriously consider giving this place a try.

Our next stop was to a place called, “The little Debbie Cakes” shop. Holy cow! We got a ton of boxes for cheap!!! Below is a picture of Walker taste testing a free cookie sample. It was approved;)

Later on that evening we got home, husband unloaded the minivan and I began putting all the things away..

The kids came home and got their uniforms in and were super excited about the start of the new season. 

A huge thank you to Larry Chattin & Sons Farm building & Fencing for sponsoring our kids team:)  
We took a ride over to my in laws farm this evening and were excited about the fun time we had while over there. Maggie took the kids on a ride and the kids loved looking for the cows and playing in the dirt. Simple country kid kind of living.

Lastly, Chris wanted to take us out to dinner!:) We don’t go often, but when we do its Mexican. It has also been a hard week and some difficult decisions were made.. Chris and I try not to go public about our bad times in life because we want to leave them in the past and not have to visit them in the future, regardless, all learning occasions! Anyway, I treated myself to a “mom drink” Just one. I think one is perfectly fine. Only if yo don’t try to give the margarita dipped lime to your kids ūüėāūüėāūüėāūüė≥ Isn’t it pretty:)


Driving home I thought about all the things I’m grateful for in my life. My husband, a forgiving God, forgiving family members, friends, and good times. I’m thankful for amazing in laws that’s provide our kids with the country life and a farm to roam free. 

Well, readers, it’s wayyyy past my bedtime and I need to get some shut eye. Have a great rest of the evening:)

Moms, Minivams, & Messes

On this Day, Courtesy of Facebook.

Two posts in one day?! How does that happen with three kids?!

Right at midnight after welcoming my husband home and getting ready to adjust getting back to sleep, I always look at the “on this day” app. Looking back at the past times always puts a smile on my face. 

These two photos below, Kaylee had just turned a mere 2 and I was pregnant with our second child. It’s hard to think what life would be like with one child, now that we are a family of five. Life was peaceful and quiet. It was mommy and Kaylee all the time…   
Then came Chelsea…It almost felt like our world needed something else to complete our family. Chelsea brought us laughter, with the faces she made, she brought us hearts that we didn’t know could grow any bigger after having our first child. The pictures below remind me of the times where life was simple, only because  there were two kids and two of us…  

Then came our son, Walker..

He gave our hearts the unlimited amount of love we were looking for..He has completed our lives.

The “on this day” app allows me to remind of pictures I forgot I took, memories I forgot I made, Laughter I forgot I laughed, and tears I forgot I cried.

These are all memories that make me who I am. I’m a loving mom, because of my kids. Do you ever just sit back and think…How did I become so lucky to be your parent?! I look into my kiddos eyes daily and think this thought. 

I’m looking forward to more “on this day” moments, because As my kiddos get older, they shy away from the camera already, which saddens me.

Enjoy the time you have one this day with your kiddos, throw away that to do list, and love and live in the moment ON this DAY.

Moms, Minivans, & Messes

Frosted Hill Creations

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Moms, Minivans, & Messes: What is the name of your business and who are your potential customers?
Frosted Hill Creations: My business is Frosted Hill Creations, and my biggest potential customers are families and moms with younger kids, although anyone could enjoy what I make! I make a variety of items, including games, garlands, apparel and chalkboards!

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: Why did you choose (Your above answer) as your customers?

Frosted Hill Creations: I chose that group because this was more of a hobby/part time thing to do for fun. I am doing things that I think are neat and useful for my stage of life. I have a lot of party décor and items, since I love hosting parties. It was my hope that others in a similar stage as me would enjoy my products as much as I do!

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: Are you a mom? If so, did this business have anything to do with initiating Frosted Hill Creations?

Frosted Hill Creations: I am a mom! My son is two and a half years old. I began this shop after friends and family encouraged me to open a shop for my chalkboards. I started my shop with little wooden games I made for my son to play with and garlands that I decorated his room or parties with, and slowly added other things that I love to make! I love making shirts for him, with images and phrases from movies he likes, or with positive or Christian messages on them to be a light to others and stand out in a good way. I then started offering them to others!
Moms, Minivans, & Messes: What do you expect to be the outcome of “Frosted Hill Creations”?
Frosted Hill Creations: I hope that Frosted Hill Creations begins to grow. I currently just added Brand Reps and Enthusiasts on my team, and will be doing a search soon for my next term. I am hoping to keep getting my name out there and grow! I’m also hoping to work more on chalkboards and expand with more items¬†as I grow, as well!

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: Where can I find information about “Frosted Hill Creations”?

Frosted Hill Creations: I currently only have a store and an Instagram page for Frosted Hill Creations. You can go to to see my items. You can always email me at if you have any questions or have any custom requests or ideas!

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: Are there any giveaway promotions for your Frosted Hill Creations products through reading this blog?

Frosted Hill Creations: Of course! If you use MMM15, you will get 15% off your next purchase!

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: Who is “Frosted Hill Creations”? (One mom, multiple moms, etc.)

Frosted Hill Creations: The face/organizer behind Frosted Hill Creations is just me, Paula. I have my husband, Josh, help me through his family business he works with, SGM Co., as they have the access to the materials needed to make shirts and the games.

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: Can you tell me how Frosted Hill Creations will keep kids feeling GLAM?

Frosted Hill Creations: All of my products can be completely customizable, so they can feel great wearing, looking at, or playing whatever they get from me! I do have set items, but colors and other parts of each item can be custom made to what you want.
Moms, Minivans, & Messes: What does the future look like for Frosted Hill Creations?
Frosted Hill Creations: I’m optimistic that the future is good for Frosted Hill Creations! I’m still a small, not-so-well-known shop currently, but I’m hopefully that I’ll learn and grow!
Moms, Minivans, & Messes: Can you individualize Frosted Hill Creations products to service kids and how?
Frosted Hill Creations: Of course! As I said earlier, everything is customizable, so you can get exactly what you’re looking for. I love that my games can be made to learn shapes, colors, or both! I also just started selling learning games to help kids recognize numbers, and will be expanding to letters soon!

VA Paint Party: Birthday Party Fun

VA Paint Party

Recently, at the last minute, we had the opportunity to have a paint party birthday party for our oldest daughter, since she enjoys arts and crafts. It was a huge success! We had the opportunity to have our party at our local froyo place, Sweet Frog. I also had the privilege to interview the owner of VA Paint Party, Misty Adams.


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Moms, Minivans, & Messes: What is the name of your business and who are your potential customers? 

VA Paint Party: The name of my business is VA Paint Party, LLC.¬† My¬†potential¬†customer is…. ANYONE!¬† Any age – young to senior, male or females!¬† All ages have a lot of fun.


Moms, Minivans, & Messes: Why did you choose (Your above answer) as your customers? 

VA Paint Party: There are several great competitors out there in the same industry and I knew I had to find a niche in this market.  Offering paint parties to everyone is it! 

You can have your kids sitting right beside you painting along on their own canvas as well as offering a unique birthday party for them. We have had birthday parties for kids starting at age 4 all the way to a young 71st birthday!

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: Are you a mom? If so, did this business have anything to do with initiating VA Paint Party?

VA Paint Party: I am a very proud mother of 3.  A stepmom to two and one of my own. Their ages range from 21, 18, and 17.  I wanted our kid to know that dreams come true!  If you work hard and focus Рyou can be successful in all you do!

Moms, Minivans, & Messes:¬† What do you expect to be the outcome of “VA Paint Party”?

VA Paint Party: I have very high goals for VA Paint Party.  I started as a one woman show and within less than 4 months, I now have 5 sub-contractors to keep up with demand.  Main goal is to offer exceptional customer service and we fit the needs to every paint party Рthat will always be the main goal. As far as the future, we are interested in piggybacking with existing business locations to use space when available.  We would love to offer more classes in a stable environment.  Even though we currently go to the customer, some clients also ask if there is a location they can come to.  We are working on finding solutions for their needs.

Moms, Minivans, & Messes:¬†Where can I find information about “VA Paint Party”?

VA Paint Party: So glad you asked! as well as find us on Facebook РVA Paint Party

Also, Email : or Call/text me!  540-583-0686

Moms, Minivans, & Messes:  Are there any promotions for your products through reading this blog? 

VA Paint Party: Yes!  

Kids Promotion: ¬† My current prices are $20 each at¬†child’s¬†party. For this blog, I am¬†offering¬†$15 a child – minimum of 6 children.

Adult Promotion: ¬†My current prices are $25 a person.¬† For this blog, I will offer $20 an adult –¬†minimum¬†of 8.¬†

FUNdraisers Р$20 a head РYou decide the price to sell tickets for.  Anything over $20 a person is theirs to keep. Normally ranges from $25-$35 a ticket.

We also bring ALL art supplies.  We only ask there are tables, chairs, and access to water. 

Moms, Minivans, & Messes:¬†Who is “VA Paint Party”? (One mom, multiple moms, etc.)

VA Paint Party: Great question!

VA Paint Party is an instructional canvas painting party.¬† We take everyone stroke by stroke on how to paint a picture that was chosen by the host.¬† We are very hands on and insure a fun time and a great picture!¬† We do kid’s parties, adult parties, FUNdraisers, church events, team building, WE DO IT ALL!

We also come to you!  That could be your home Рchurch Рyour favorite restaurant Рanywhere! 

Also, out of the 6 that work for VA Paint Party, 5 of us are mom’s.

Mom Instructors:

Misty Adams, Owner, Instructor,  Р2 boys and 1 girl

Jenn, Instructor, 4 teenage girls

Kara, Instructor, 2 boys

Kelli, Instructor – 2 girls

Angie, Instructor – 3 girls

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: What sets your Paint business apart from others?

VA Paint Party:  There are several things:

1.  There are no age limits.

2.  We come to you!

3.  You have over 50 pictures to choose from when you are hosting a party.

4. The host works with the owner to plan for the party.  I will make sure everything is setup to plan accordingly.  

5.  We will customize a painting for FREE!

6.  We are a true local business Рbased in Bedford, VA.  We are not a franchise or a licensee.  True home grown local business.

7.  We give the most back to fundraisers.

Moms, Minivans, & Messes:  What does the future look like for VA Paint Party?

VA Paint Party:  The future is bright!  As a team, we work together to find fun and innovated ideas to bring to our potential and existing customers. For an example, we offer glow in the dark paintings for adults and kids. We are growing fast and we love every second of it!

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: How can your products be beneficial to my readers?

VA Paint Party:¬†Painting is calming, it’s fun, and everyone has a smile on their face.¬† It can be an escape and a way to tap into or even spark a creative side!

I remember trying to plan parties for my son and it was always the same options, we offer fun and unique ideas for parties throughout the whole year. 

You don’t have to worry if it’s going to rain, if it’s cold, if it’s too hot, — this is a sure fire way to make sure everyone has a great time and is proud of their very own masterpieces.¬†