Chaos & Love

It’s quarter to seven in the morning and I’m halfway falling off the bed from a little boy who needed mama and a baby girl who also needed mama. Regardless of the time, I needed to journal.

Oh, if you’re wondering where my husband and other child are- they are sleeping on the couch. Not because we are fighting or mad at each other, but because he had a really nice sleep and our little girl wanted to sleep next to him. 💜

The chaos can be fun and other times it can be disastrous. We have to choose how to respond to it..

1. Do we want to Love through the Chaos, or

2. Be Bitter through the Chaos

It’s hunting season and while raising three kids is hard all by itself, life goes on and doesn’t stop for anyone.

I find myself getting bitter at the beginning of hunting season because I instantly become a single mom/widow/whatever you want to call it, but, regardless, I’m the one trying to resolve and argue with my kids who will be cleaning up the cow poop they stepped in and brought it into the house.

I find priorities being pushed back further and further.

Somehow, my husband can come home at 7:30-8pm and be exhausted from working all day on the family farm, but I’m still left to keep the house running.

Dishes can be piled up and not get clean and like our dishwasher currently that is not cleaning the dishes and leaving residue-I’m the one who is responsible for getting them done.

I’m not bitter, I just want to be better.

Ok, let’s put all that aside and look at the positives:

  • My husband is not having glamorous love affairs on 9th street
  • My husband isn’t selling or using drugs
  • My husband surely isn’t running a small town sweat shop


He is…

  • Working hard
  • Helping his family
  • Hunting to provide the steady flow of meat our family needs to survive
  • Teaching our children life lessons that will never be taught anywhere else

The Chaos immediately turns into Love when I see my husband setting a good Godly example for our family. The Love he shares through hunting, processing, and other things they do on the farm will be passed on to our children.

The Chaos comes to a halt when he fits in hunting time together for just the two of us🦌

For now, I’m going to continue to pray that God continues to keep us together through all this chaos..I’m going to pray that God continues to show his love through my husband and our children learning life lessons that can only be taught through our Lord.

Do you find yourself and your life being Chaotic?

Share with how you handle it..I’d love to hear from you💜


Merry Christmas 🎄

“…Born on this day, a Savior, which is Christ the Lord.”

With happiness and blessings, from our family to yours, we hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

This year, Christmas was a bit difficult for our family. Our middle child, Chelsea, left for the Bahama’s on a Disney Cruise. With little communication back and forth, we assume she is having the best time ever! We were able to FaceTime with her yesterday for a bit while they were at port. Picture below: 

 She let us know she was having the time of her life! (Thank Goodness for technology)

My husband had difficulty with her being gone for Christmas, which is completely normal to feel. He has the biggest heart and has become a father I never dreamed of to our children. He is anticipating her return and giving her all the presents that she left behind from her family.

Speaking of Chelsea, our little country girl, my aunt posted this picture: 

 Any idea of why the face?

Here’s the thing..we raise our kids to “live” off the land as much as possible, which means, we feed them deer meat-hamburger and roast. We are a hunting family, so it only comes natural. My aunt and cousins are anti-hunters and want nothing to do with deer meat of any sorts. When Shannon, pictured sitting next to Chelsea, started cutting into her prime rib, Chelsea asked her if her deer meat was good!! Hahaha!!!😂😂😂 Such a great representation of our family, values, and way of life. 

Christmas came and went just like any other day. Our two other children woke up, opened their presents, and we ate homemade Sausage gravy and biscuits-a tradition in our family, since The Chattin’s cut sausage straight from the hog. 

The kids were pleased with all their things, which the greatest present a parent can ever receive is the morning on Christmas watching your kids open their gifts and seeing the excitement. 

Chris and I also enjoyed our presents..hubby and the kids got me a Cinderella pandora charm and texting gloves 😉 So sweet and thoughtful…now if I can just find my bracelet. 😳

Speaking of gloves, how about this weather 👎🏻 A big thumbs down in my book! Not only was the weather crippling, it added to it not feeling like Christmas. I wore a  t-shirt to my in laws house today! 

I’m so blessed with awesome in laws, siblings, and nephews. 

 This is my sister in law and her beautiful family! We had such a blast visiting and fellowshipping with each other. She has the sweetest boys ever! So thankful for them! 

Lastly, my husband is such a sport! He has no problem playing along with whatever I ask- for example:

  Merry Christmas from us to you all! Enjoy;)