Chaos & Love

It’s quarter to seven in the morning and I’m halfway falling off the bed from a little boy who needed mama and a baby girl who also needed mama. Regardless of the time, I needed to journal.

Oh, if you’re wondering where my husband and other child are- they are sleeping on the couch. Not because we are fighting or mad at each other, but because he had a really nice sleep and our little girl wanted to sleep next to him. ūüíú

The chaos can be fun and other times it can be disastrous. We have to choose how to respond to it..

1. Do we want to Love through the Chaos, or

2. Be Bitter through the Chaos

It’s hunting season and while raising three kids is hard all by itself, life goes on and doesn’t stop for anyone.

I find myself getting bitter at the beginning of hunting season because I instantly become a single mom/widow/whatever you want to call it, but, regardless, I’m the one trying to resolve and argue with my kids who will be cleaning up the cow poop they stepped in and brought it into the house.

I find priorities being pushed back further and further.

Somehow, my husband can come home at 7:30-8pm and be exhausted from working all day on the family farm, but I’m still left to keep the house running.

Dishes can be piled up and not get clean and like our dishwasher currently that is not cleaning the dishes and leaving residue-I’m the one who is responsible for getting them done.

I’m not bitter, I just want to be better.

Ok, let’s put all that aside and look at the positives:

  • My husband is not having glamorous love affairs on 9th street
  • My husband isn’t selling or using drugs
  • My husband surely isn’t running a small town sweat shop


He is…

  • Working hard
  • Helping his family
  • Hunting to provide the steady flow of meat our family needs to survive
  • Teaching our children life lessons that will never be taught anywhere else

The Chaos immediately turns into Love when I see my husband setting a good Godly example for our family. The Love he shares through hunting, processing, and other things they do on the farm will be passed on to our children.

The Chaos comes to a halt when he fits in hunting time together for just the two of usūü¶Ć

For now, I’m going to continue to pray that God continues to keep us together through all this chaos..I’m going to pray that God continues to show his love through my husband and our children learning life lessons that can only be taught through our Lord.

Do you find yourself and your life being Chaotic?

Share with how you handle it..I’d love to hear from youūüíú


Billy Goat Baby Gear


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Moms, Minivans, & Messes: What is the name of your business and who are your potential customers? 

Bill Goat Baby Gear: Billy Goat Baby Gear – Expecting parents, new parents and parents of infants & toddlers.

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: Why did you choose (Your above answer) as your customers? 

Bill Goat Baby Gear: Currently our products serve mothers and fathers with children between the age of infant and toddler.

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: Are you a mom? If so, did this business have anything to do with initiating Billy Goat Baby Gear? 

Bill Goat Baby Gear: Although the founder of BGBG is not a mother, he quickly discovered that having moms a part of the team was an essential component to creating the best quality and most highly desired products. Currently we have a team of three moms who work directly with the founder on things such as outreach and social media. Billy Goat Baby Gear is unique because we have an exclusive group of over 165 “Billy Goat Moms” who give us feedback and¬†help co-create our products (quality, material, designs, styles, etc.).¬† Also our blog ( is written by our Billy Goat Mommy Bloggers.

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: What do you expect to be the outcome of “Billy Goat Baby Gear”?

Bill Goat Baby Gear: Billy Goat Baby Gear will be the quintessential name in the baby gear and functional accessories market for babies.  As we grow, we will develop products that support mothers, families and their children throughout their childhood, into preschool and elementary school.

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: Where can I find information about “Billy Goat Baby Gear”?Bill Goat Baby Gear:

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: Are there any promotions for your Billy Goat Baby Gear products through reading this blog?

Bill Goat Baby Gear: We are giving away an exclusive bandana bib set for one lucky reader. (We can provide a discount code for your readers who do not win) 

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: Who is “Billy Goat Baby Gear”? (One mom, multiple moms, etc.)

Bill Goat Baby Gear: Billy Goat Baby Gear is a Denver based company with several moms on our immediate team as well as an exclusive group of moms around the country who participate in our brand enthusiast group writing blogs, co-creating products and spreading the word about Billy Goat Baby Gear. 

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: Can you tell me how¬†Billy Goat Baby Gear¬†will keep kids feeling GLAM? 

Bill Goat Baby Gear: We know that we are creating the best gear possible for kids because real moms help co-create our products and real moms know best!

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: What does the future look like for Billy Goat Baby Gear?

Bill Goat Baby Gear: Continued expansion of products in different categories and age ranges.  We will grow with the market we serve.

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: Can you individualize Billy Goat Baby Gear products to service moms and how? 

Bill Goat Baby Gear: With our brand enthusiast mommy team, we already are individualizing the baby gear experience by using the data we receive from our Billy Goat Moms to create the products they will love. At this time we don’t offer customization on our products.¬†

Beginner’s Guide: Attention Deficit Disorder

Being a mom of multiples can really be overwhelming at times-sike, just kidding, it’s overwhelming all the time! They each have different needs and wants and you can’t cater to them all at the same time because their needs are different; that’s three different needs for our family. 

With that said, concerns don’t usually arise until kids are in a routine environment, more so in a school setting, specifically in first and second grades. 

First, let me give you some background information on our daughter, Kaylee.

Kaylee is our oldest; she is the sweetest, kindest, Christ fearing, and smartest little girl you will ever meet. 

This year we noticed that Kaylee was having difficulty focusing on the little things. We had issues when giving her directions, asking her to do small tasks, and we became increasingly frustrated.

What was the issue?

A.D.D=Attention Deficit Disorder

As parents, you always want to sweep things under the rug, because honestly, your child is perfect and there are no imperfections. Right, No, Wrong!

We took action immediately and discussed things with her teacher, who provided us with daily summaries. Kaylee was being self distracted and having difficulties finishing her work. When we received her first report card, Kaylee had two ‘N’s in the focus/attention department. About that time, we had one of our children stay with my mom for two weeks to get ready for Christmas and other things. Once we dropped our son off we started redirecting our attention on to Kaylee. We worked really hard on redirecting and reinforcing positive behaviors for the next two weeks and keeping close communication with her teacher. 

Instead of getting the official diagnosis from the doctor and putting her on medication, which is totally fine in some instances, we decided that our parenting style and skills needed refreshing and we have found that these things for us have been extremely successful.

Our New Parenting Style:

  1. Be Direct. When you ask your child something, make sure it’s clear and in a way that they understand.
  2. Eye Contact. When you’re talking to your child, make sure you’re looking at them until you’re done talking..with three kids it can be difficult to side track and focus your attention on other things while your child is talking their heart out to you.
  3. Reinforce. Reinforcement is important. Before school we would let Kaylee know that if she completed her work that she could have 30 extra minutes to sit up with mom and dad after her younger siblings went to bed. Another example is reading an extra book at night, an extra dessert, or simply extra iPad time. Monetary things don’t always have to come into play, but if it works, do so. For example: we use the app: iRewardChart, which gives stars for their behaviors/chores, etc. If they get so many starts at the end of the week, then they get sweet frog, but only reinforcing that a certain amount of stars is reached.
  4. Love. You may think that this one is easy, but with multiple children you assume you’ve given all your kids hugs and kisses and told them “I love you” make sure that as their parent you are giving them that Love connection frequently so they know how much they are loved, hourly, even. 

Kaylee has not needed medication and since we have redirected our parenting skills to our new style, Kaylee has been consistent with her behaviors, turning in her work, and staying focused. 

I hope this post helps you, the reader, and just to understand that for things like this it’s ok! 

 For now we will practice better parenting skills to make sure all of our children are taken care of for the rest of their lives!