Chaos & Love

It’s quarter to seven in the morning and I’m halfway falling off the bed from a little boy who needed mama and a baby girl who also needed mama. Regardless of the time, I needed to journal.

Oh, if you’re wondering where my husband and other child are- they are sleeping on the couch. Not because we are fighting or mad at each other, but because he had a really nice sleep and our little girl wanted to sleep next to him. 💜

The chaos can be fun and other times it can be disastrous. We have to choose how to respond to it..

1. Do we want to Love through the Chaos, or

2. Be Bitter through the Chaos

It’s hunting season and while raising three kids is hard all by itself, life goes on and doesn’t stop for anyone.

I find myself getting bitter at the beginning of hunting season because I instantly become a single mom/widow/whatever you want to call it, but, regardless, I’m the one trying to resolve and argue with my kids who will be cleaning up the cow poop they stepped in and brought it into the house.

I find priorities being pushed back further and further.

Somehow, my husband can come home at 7:30-8pm and be exhausted from working all day on the family farm, but I’m still left to keep the house running.

Dishes can be piled up and not get clean and like our dishwasher currently that is not cleaning the dishes and leaving residue-I’m the one who is responsible for getting them done.

I’m not bitter, I just want to be better.

Ok, let’s put all that aside and look at the positives:

  • My husband is not having glamorous love affairs on 9th street
  • My husband isn’t selling or using drugs
  • My husband surely isn’t running a small town sweat shop


He is…

  • Working hard
  • Helping his family
  • Hunting to provide the steady flow of meat our family needs to survive
  • Teaching our children life lessons that will never be taught anywhere else

The Chaos immediately turns into Love when I see my husband setting a good Godly example for our family. The Love he shares through hunting, processing, and other things they do on the farm will be passed on to our children.

The Chaos comes to a halt when he fits in hunting time together for just the two of us🦌

For now, I’m going to continue to pray that God continues to keep us together through all this chaos..I’m going to pray that God continues to show his love through my husband and our children learning life lessons that can only be taught through our Lord.

Do you find yourself and your life being Chaotic?

Share with how you handle it..I’d love to hear from you💜


I should be Folding Laundry, but…

I should be folding laundry right now, but it’s already done.

As you can tell, it has been a busy end of school year for our family with field trips, new jobs, field days, t-ball games, and anything else that keeps us from doing our regularly scheduled “Mom” job.

For starters, I was able to go on a field trip with Chelsea, to a family pumpkin farm. There we rode cows, played on the playground, search for gold, and enjoy a hayride on the farm. I was thankful to have that time with her and attend her field trip experience with her on that day. This is why at this moment in time we were unable to fold the laundry and put it away.

Next, we attended a beautiful wedding, where my husband had the honor of singing for the bride and groom’s first dance. My husband does such a great job with his singing and I’m honored to be by his side each and every time that someone asks him to be part of their big day. Here are some pictures below! We had a blast with some pretty amazing and awesome people, who we will come to love and befriend. This is why at this moment we were unable to fold laundry and put it away.

Then, I had the opportunity to attend another field trip with my oldest daughter to the Booker T Washington National Monument. We had a blast learning and exploring the park where Booker T. Washington grew up. This is why at this moment we were unable to fold laundry and put it away.

Mother’s day came and gone in the blink of an eye, but like every year it was a day that we spent doing what mom likes to do-Hiking. The entire family went hiking at the Booker T. Washington National Monument. They had an amazing trail for visitors and we had the opportunity to play in the water, reflecting, and spending quality family time together. Happy Mother’s Day to me 🙂 This is why at this moment in time we were unable to fold laundry and put it away.

Field day is one of the most exciting times in an elementary school in our county. It is a huge water event, where we are expected to get wet. I’m like a big kid when it comes to these events and so thankful I’m able to be part of the day. I think I got more soaked than some of the kiddos! This is why at this moment in time we were unable to fold laundry and put it away.

Little man started playing wiffle ball to prepare him for tball and I couldn’t be more proud of him. Walker is a true boy of character and happiness. He gets so excited about seeing his friends and not to mention, I feel like he has an amazing coach that will be such a positive influence on him as he grows. While we have only been to one practice so far with how our schedules have worked, this is why at this moment in time we have been unable to fold laundry and put it away.

The last day of school happened and Kaylee was honored to receive the Principal’s award for overall student on everything that included academics, behavior, attendance, etc. What a proud mom moment to have witnessed and be there for my daughter. This is another reason why at the moment we were unable to fold the laundry and put it away.

I took a couple of hours on the last day of school to enjoy time with my children before they left for their first family vacation with their grandmother, great aunt, and great grandmother. We played on the farm, looked at the cows, played in the rain, and waited for trains to sound it’s horn. It was a great family day, which is another reason why we were unable to at the moment fold the laundry and put it away.

The kids left Friday with my mom to go on vacation. This time, we had plenty of time to clean, and by clean I mean, throw a ton of things away. I had time to fold laundry, clean every single room in this house with every spec of detail possible. Chris and I also had time to go to two get togethers this weekend which turned out to be completely amazing and had such a great time. I’m sincerely thankful and grateful for good friends!


Mother’s Day Challenge: A Mother’s Bragging Right

I decided to blog about my Mother’s Day Facebook challenge instead of posting the pictures on Facebook. All of us moms have a story and its unique. Mine is just as unique as the next mom in line, so allow me to blog about my challenge. 

Chris and I married September 23, 2006. It was the best day of our lives. Things seemed to be perfect, things seemed like I was in a dream. How was it that I was chosen to spend the rest of my life with THIS man. We said our vows, danced the night away and life began. 

February 7, 2009, we brought our first child into the world. We didn’t know a thing about parenting, actually took one of those lame parenting courses at the hospital, which, we look back now and that did NOT prepare us for parenthood. It was February and all I had for Kaylee were onesies-HAHA! No coat, a light blankie, and a light hat-My mother in law has to go get things for me to bring her home in. We were clueless. I bet those nurses wonder how KK turned out when she stepped foot out of the hospital and out of their care. Kaylee has become the most loving, patient, caring, well mannered, and smart Jesus loving girl. She’s currently reading on a high second grade level, almost third grade! She is friends with all of the kids in her class and her teacher knows she struggles with the more difficult kiddos, but remains friendly. We are SO blessed and thankful for her love and compassion. She wants to grow up and be a vet!

July 31, 2010 we welcomed our Cheekies!!! Mother hood surely opened up our busy schedule as we welcomed another sweet baby. This time we were a bit more prepared as far as clothing 🙂 Chelsea is just as smart as her sister, loves animals, and Jesus and wants to be a farmer. Chelsea has been known to read to first and second graders at school to motivate them! Wow!! What a proud parent accomplishment..Now if I can just sign her agenda and homework folder every night, life would be grand. 

December 18, 2012, we welcomed our first mama’s boy, who stole my heart. Walker is such a friendly boy, it’s scary. He is very trusting, polite, and respectful. We are still learning and figuring him out. We have adjusted well and have managed to be able to stay home with each child. Having that third child was a challenge. The kids now outnumbered the parents. Hopefully, he is out last boy, sadly, due to my heart issues, but he doesn’t want anymore babies, since he is mama’s baby boy💚

May 2013, I graduated from college! We got married, purchased a home, had three kids, worked full time at times, and I still managed to graduate college with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology.

Now our life is complete and I’m in a happy place. Life will continue to be hectic, but as a mom my number one priority is these three kiddos who I never imagined would make my whole world complete and heart filled with so much joy and happiness. 

This is my Mother’s Day Challenge!
What’s yours?

Matched Socks, Cardiomyopathy, & Baseball

Matched socks?! What the heck are those? My daughter wore mix matched socks the other day to school-clean, yes! Dirty, No! Mom Approved, Absofreakinglutely!!!

Our son has decided that he can dress himself..Currently, he is with my mom and brother and he snapchatted me a picture of my son wearing his shoes on the wrong feet…Without hesitation, I responded back… 

My path of Cardiomyopathy: I had a year checkup and had to have a sonogram of my heart and put a monitor on for a mere 24 hours..Not fun, but the results were astonishing! My heart is perfectly healed and normal again! What a relief!!

Baseball season is here and boy is it a busy time!!! The minivan stays packed with bats, balls, snacks, and baby wipes. 

The girls had their first game of the season and boy was it a blast. 

The outfielders get so bored that you see a cloud of dust, and that’s not from any type of wind storm, the kids are playing in the dirt, drawing with their fingers, shaking their bottoms, you know the drill.  

The kids had a blast and that’s all that matters-right?! Right. The end. 

I decided to take the girls out for a treat and celebrate my life career! I’m super excited about it and sadly I didn’t get to celebrate with a margarita, instead I celebrated with a yummy sweet tea from Open Porch. 

Same thing, right?!

Regardless, I took the girls to Benny’s Pizza and Sweet Frog. I’m still full. 

It’s been pretty peaceful around the house only have the two kiddos..not really much going on entertainment wise, but I’ll leave you with Chelsea’s art work..


Enjoy your night and thanks for reading out mine:)

Moms, Minivans, & Messes

The Wild Purple: Vintage-Modern-Bohemian

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Moms, Minivans, & Messes: What is the name of your business and who are your potential customers?

The Wild Purple: We are Wild Purple! We make clothing and accessories for free spirited little ladies. Our focus is vintage + bohemian design. We love to mix the two aesthetics and play around with vintage textiles. We love make one of a kind and small batch items to keep things exclusive, interesting, and fresh!

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: Why did you choose (Your above answer) as your customers?

The Wild Purple: My partner and I both have daughters. We started out making things for our own little ones, and it evolved from there. Plus, girls clothes are fun!

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: Are you a mom? If so, did this business have anything to do with initiating The Wild Purple?

The Wild Purple: Yes! Absolutely. Like I mentioned, our girls were the inspiration for our brand and continue to fuel us with ideas. Its also nice to have fitting models at your fingertips! I have two daughters, Sloane is almost 3 and Winter is just over 2 months. My partner has a 4 year old daughter named Brighton, and two teenage boys who rock our accessories from time to time!

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: What do you expect to be the outcome of “The Wild Purple“?

The Wild Purple: Right now we are just having fun experimenting with design and learning about the process, our customers, and ourselves. We hope to continue to grow organically and remain loyal to our aesthetic. We love the easy, free spirited vibe that comes along with wearing our clothing, and we love vintage everything – so we hope to continue to play with the juxtaposition of the two.

Moms, MInivans, & Messes: Where can I find information about “The Wild Purple“?

The Wild Purple: Check us out at

We are also avid instagrammers and would love it if you would follow our feed (its pretty!) @wildpurple

Our facebook page is

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: Are there any promotions for your products through reading this blog?

The Wild Purple: Yes! We will offer readers a 20% discount on our site. Use the code MMM20 at checkout!

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: Who is “The Wild Purple“? (One mom, multiple moms, etc.)

The Wild Purple: The Wild Purple is myself, Katie, and my sister in law MegAnne. MegAnne makes all of our awesome accessories, and I hold it down at the sewing machine!

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: Where did you incorporate the business name, The Wild Purple?

The Wild Purple: The Wild Purple is a play on “the wild blue yonder” – We wanted a name that felt dreamy and whimsical…it’s our own little world!

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: What does the future look like for The Wild Purple?

The Wild Purple: We can’t wait to find out! We’re looking forward to continuing to create beautiful, unique, and one of a kind pieces for your daughters. The idea of creating really special heirloom pieces that can be handed down through future generations really drives our focus. We truly enjoy making wearable art out of various textiles and materials and love the experimental process. We’re blessed to be able to work from home, to pursue a dream, and watch our children grow all at the same time.

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: What sets your products apart from other similar products?

The Wild Purple: The Wild Purple combines new and repurposed materials to create unique and special clothing and accessories for your children. Each item is meticulously handcrafted, one piece at a time by myself and my partner. We hand select our materials and we don’t make anything we wouldn’t put on our own daughters. We believe in upholding a high standard of craftsmanship and spending that extra bit of time to make sure our items are durable, beautiful, and unique. We hope you’ll take a look at what we’ve created. I know you’ll love it!

Jessica Bohn Bishop: KEEP Collective

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Moms, Minivans, & Messes: What is the name of your business and who are your potential customers?

KEEP: I am a Founding Director with social selling company KEEP Collective (from the believers who brought us Stella & Dot,) and my potential customers are storytellers. Each keepsake “Keeper” design is a wearable touchstone, an instant reminder of the big things, the small things, and all things that matter.

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: Why did you choose (Your above answer) as your customers?

KEEP: KEEP Collective shares a deep belief that living a happy life comes from always keeping in mind what truly matters. Love, faith, friendship, family, hope, and adventure. So we are storytellers- helping others reflect on and share the moments and milestones that make up their one-of-a-kind life. 

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: Are you a mom? If so, did this business have anything to do with initiating KEEP? 

KEEP: I am not currently a mom, however, I did choose this social selling brand with the idea that I will start a family in the future and the truly flexible entrepreneurship that this company provides is just what I’ll need to spend quality time with my children whenever and wherever I want to.

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: What do you expect to be the outcome of “KEEP”? 

KEEP: The outcome of KEEP is that I will continue to live the happiest life possible while focusing on all of the things that matter in my life as well as leading other women to finding what truly makes them happy as well! Designing my life makes me happy, so that I can make the people I love happy. It is my best gift to the world. It is with joy and love that as a KEEP Designer I fulfill my mission to give every woman the means to design her one-of-a -kind life.

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: Where can I find information about “KEEP”? 

KEEP: There are a few ways that you can find more information about the KEEP brand. My personal website is, however the best way to gain more information on opening your own business, shopping, or getting your Keepers free is to email me at Be sure to reference this blog!

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: Are there any promotions for your KEEP products through reading this blog?

KEEP: If you’re reading this blog, you qualify for a FREE key (charm) with your purchase of $50 or more with Designer J Bohn Bishop ONLY. Be sure to email me first and mention this blog!

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: Who is “KEEP”? (One mom, multiple moms, etc.)

KEEP: KEEP Collective is a team of dreamers, doers, daughters, wives, and mothers. We are renovating the home-based business model for our times. We are a billion-dollar global brand in the making. We invest our hearts, our smarts, and our unbending will to make it happen. We are our only competition. The way it’s always been done is never flattering on us. We create. We reinvent. We learn. We get more creative. We do it better next time. We make no excuses. We find a way.

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: Can you tell me how KEEP will keep moms feeling GLAM?

KEEP: We get great joy out of designing irresistible keepsakes. And yet, there is something much greater we are creating. We have a vision of the world where strong women live bold and joyful lives. They know what they want and they work for it. They inspire each other. Passion and joy are their best accessories.

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: A portion of the KEEP Collective Manifesto:

KEEP: We know that success is not predetermined for the exclusive few.  Success is nothing more than getting up every single morning, and getting to work, writing our own stories. And we make no apologies about benefiting from the success we work hard and smart to create. We are here to make a living. And a solid one at that. Our income gives us peace of mind, pays the bills, buys take-out when we’re busy, puts our kids through college, and gives opportunity to many other women along the way. We’re proud of that. We love writing our own stories. We hold the pen.

Jessica Snyder: On Crohn’s & Motherhood

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Moms, Minivans, & Messes: Introduce yourself, name, spouse, children, what you do for a living, and how long you and your spouse have been together.
Jessica: My name is Jessica Snyder. I’ve been with my husband, John Snyder, for 12 years. We have been married for eight. We have two wild, crazy, adorable, and smart little boys. Mason is 5 and Dylan is 2. I have been a stay at home mom for 2 1/2 years.

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: Tell me your story about Crohn’s disease and the support you receive at home with your immediate family.

Jessica: My story starts in 2004 when I started having stomach issues. My mom took me to my PCP because every time I ate I was in extreme pain with vomiting and diarrhea. I lost a lot of weight due to the sudden illness. My PCP told my mom that I was a teenager and just worried about my figure; that I just had an eating disorder. My mom didn’t give up. She demanded that I get an appointment with a specialist and in 2005 I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.

In the beginning it was tolerable, however, after I had Mason in 2010, My Crohn’s disease started getting worse. In July 2011, I got a stomach bug which turned into a Crohn’s flare, I became so malnourished that I almost lost my life. The doctors pumped me full of medication and it helped for awhile. I found out I was pregnant with Dylan in 2012 and my Crohn’s went crazy!

In February 2013, while pregnant with Dylan, I had an access in my intestines, which caused me to almost lose Dylan, but the doctors were able to get it under control with a high dose of steroids. Again my Crohn’s was tolerable, until January 1, 2015. I was in severe pain, went to the ER and found out that I had a complete blockage in my intestines. The doctors were able to remove 14 inches of my small intestines and 2 inches of my colon. That left me with an ileostomy bag for 4 months.

The ileostomy bag was removed in April of 2015 and since then my Crohn’s has been in remission. I still have days where I don’t feel the best, but overall I feel great! My husband and our families are always so supportive and helpful through everything. I’m not sure what I would do without my amazing support system.

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: As a mom with Crohn’s disease, what does a typical day look like?

Jessica: I get up at 6:30 every morning to get Mason, our oldest son, to the bus stop, and pray that I can make it back before I have to go to the bathroom. Mornings are the worst for some reason because I come home, get Dylan up and make breakfast between bathroom breaks. After about 11am, my stomach straightens out and I’m good for the rest of the day.

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: Do you look at your life differently now than before you were diagnosed?

Jessica: I can’t really remember what life was like before Crohn’s. I was 16 when I started having symptoms.

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: Living with Crohn’s disease, what is the hardest part about marriage and parenting?

Jessica: The hardest part is that I don’t feel that I have the freedom I would if I didn’t have it. For the longest time, I was scared to go anywhere with the boys by myself. If I have to go to the bathroom, I have to go then! That means stopping somewhere, getting both boys out of the car and rushing in to the potty. And praying that the boys don’t throw fits and I can make it to the bathroom in time.

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: Has Crohn’s disease changed you? What have you learned since you’ve been diagnosed?

Jessica: Yes, Crohn’s has changed my life in so many ways. I learned to never take life for granted because in a split second you could be pooping in a bag through a hole in your stomach.

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: What would you like families who don’t live with a “silent disease” to know about Crohn’s and truly understand?

Jessica: Don’t get mad when people cancel plans because It’s completely out of their control.

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: How do you explain to your children, so they understand truly what you go through on a daily basis and is this a daily conversation in the home? How do your children view your “illness”?

Jessica:My boys are only 5 and 2 but they understand my Crohn’s. I never hide anything from them and they know mommy poops a lot and sometimes feels really bad.

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: What advice can you pass along to another mother/family who silently struggles with similar issues?

Jessica: You are not alone, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and your life isn’t over.

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: What was the scariest moment, thus far, living with Crohn’s disease?

Jessica: In 2011,  I was admitted to the hospital for being dehydrated and malnourished. The doctor was at the foot of the bed, my mom on one side, and John on the other. The dr said that if I would have waited another 30 minutes to come to the hospital, I would have been dead. My potassium levels were so low that they were shocked that my heart was still beating. I remember my mom and John both breaking down. 😦

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: How supportive is your spouse and what advice do you have for husbands/dads that you’d like to pass along?

Jessica: John is amazing and he has been by my side since day one. When I got the ileostomy bag, I wanted nothing to do with it. John watched the nurse and learned everything about it and how to care for it, and did everything for me until I was comfortable with it.

My advice to other husbands: Be there for your wives, help them, support them, even when they haven’t showered for a week and look horrible, and tell them how beautiful they are!

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: Do you have any support groups, circles, or anyone non family who assists in comforting the struggles you go through?

Jessica: Two years ago I started a support group for women struggling with Crohn’s Disease. It has been fabulous!

Moms, Minivans, & Messes: Finish this sentence: Crohn’s disease is:_______

Jessica:  A pain in the butt! ;).


If you would like more information about the support group Jessica has set up for Crohn’s Disease, please contact her via facebook by clicking on the link below: